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Who we are

The Brazilian Family and Community Nursing Association (ABEFACO), founded on September 16, 2015, in the National Assembly that took place in João Pessoa, Paraíba and registered on 06/09/2016, CNPJ 24994714000120 Brings together nurses, nursing technicians and assistants in the area of Primary Health Care.

It is an Entity governed by private law, with non-economic and non-profit purposes, of an assistance and social nature, governed by the provisions contained in the Statute and the relevant legal norms, and is made up of an unlimited number of members, without any discrimination of race, color, gender or religion.

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Its objective and purpose is scientific and social action, by raising funds from individuals and legal entities, national and international, to finance projects and/or programs of its own or those of other entities with similar and related objectives, in the following actions:

  • (a) Promote the development of Nursing in Primary Health Care, prioritizing the Family and Community Care Policy;

  • (b) Promote scientific, technical, cultural and social exchange between professionals in Primary Health Care and specialties in related areas;

  • (c) Discuss, substantiate and develop the role of nursing in the Basic Health Care Policy implemented in the National territory;

  • (d) Promote the qualification of nursing professionals to work in Primary Health Care, respecting the principles of the profession in line with the Basic Health Care policy developed in the National territory;

  • (e) Stimulate and support the expansion process with the creation of Regional and/or State Family and Community Nursing Associations;

  • (f) Defend the professional interests of the nursing class that works in Primary Health Care;

  • (g) Promote the improvement and continuous professional development of nursing professionals who work or are interested in the area of Primary Health Care;

  • (h) Collaborate with similar, national and international entities on matters relevant to nursing performance in Primary Health Care;

  • (i) Carry out and/or support events of a municipal, state, regional, national and international nature, public or private, inside or outside Brazil, in the area of Primary Health Care and the like;

  • (j) Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental authorities on matters pertinent to nursing performance in Primary Health Care and related areas;

  • (k) Establish criteria for granting and granting the title of Specialist in Family and Community Nursing, and Nursing in Primary Health Care and related areas;

  • (l) Work with the National Multiprofessional Residency Commission, State Residency Commissions and similar bodies in establishing standards, norms and resolutions, as well as in the accreditation and re-accreditation processes of Nursing Residency Programs in Primary Care, Residency in Health Strategy Family and the like;

  • (m) Establish quality criteria for Improvement, Specialization, Master's, Doctorate Courses and other courses and activities of continuing education or professional updating in nursing in Primary Health Care, granting an Accreditation Certificate to those who meet the established requirements;

  • (n) Present suggestions and proposals aimed at improving the programs, courses and other activities mentioned in the two previous paragraphs of this Article, as well as promoting interaction between them;

  • (o) Defend the principles, guidelines and qualification for the Brazilian Unified Health System-SUS;

  • (p) Participate in actions aimed at improving the quality of life and health conditions of the Brazilian population, among other unspecified activities, however related and correlated.

Fonte: Estatuto da Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem de Família e Comunidade, 2016

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